The Benefits of Electric Roller Garage Doors from Doors & More in Adelaide and Gawler

Electric garage doors have been around longer than you might guess; the first one was invented almost a hundred years ago! These doors are convenient and secure, making them popular options in many homes and businesses in many areas. Some of the many benefits of choosing electric garage doors in Adelaide or Gawler include:

Extra Security

Electric garage doors can add a measure of security to your home and its surroundings. Some newer versions even have codes to ensure that only you can access your home. The operating panels often come with lights that come on when the door is opening or closing. Some doors also have features that allow the door to close automatically when you leave, making them perfect for people who tend to leave doors open accidentally. This feature also keeps your home more secure when you aren’t home. You should also make sure to keep the door leading into the house locked for additional security.

Weather Protection

A wonderful benefit of electric roller garage doors in Adelaide or Gawler is that you can open and close the door without leaving the protection of your car. You’ll especially appreciate your automatic garage door when it’s raining, snowing, freezing, or sweltering and you can stay comfortable in your car as you leave or arrive home.

Vacation Modes

May electric garage door openers have a function known as “vacation mode.” Choosing vacation mode disables the remote controls and certain system features so that no one can access your garage while you’re away. The only way to open the door is via the control panel, so would-be burglars will not be able to use fake remote controls to gain access. This is a comforting and effective feature to have, especially when you’re going to be away from home for a while.

Energy Efficiency

Electric garage doors in Gawler and Adelaide use only minimal energy to operate. If you’re concerned about the environment, you can still use electric garage doors free of guilt. These doors use only a small amount of energy when being opened or closed, and then only for a few seconds. They also do not consume a significant amount of energy when not in active use.

Where to Find Electric Roller Garage Doors in Gawler or Adelaide

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