Roller Door Repairs

Roller Door Repairs & Maintenance Services

If you’re on your way to work and about to leave the garage when the roller door suddenly refuses to open, that’s when you need Doors N More. Or if you’ve made all the preparations to open your shop for the day and the roller door at the front jams halfway. Or if you’ve just packed a load of products from your factory onto a truck and it clips the roller door on the way out, leaving your millions of dollars worth of equipment defenceless.

All of these scenarios are very common and nothing to panic about. All you need to do is phone Doors N More on 1800436677 and we will be on our way to carry out the roller door repairs you need.

What can Doors N More do for you?

Doors N More are experts who specialise in the repair and maintenance of roller doors. We look after every type of roller door that exists, from small residential garage doors, through commercial shutters on shopfronts and all the way up to massive industrial installations.

It doesn’t matter what part of your roller door has stopped working – our team of professional staff will be able to fix it. They will know exactly what to do for the garage door repairs, regardless of whether it is a simple spring that needs replacing, a dent in the door itself (you’re by no means alone if you forgot to open the door before reversing) or a motor that needs to be completely overhauled.

Doors N More can also give you a quote on the cost to fix a damaged roller door, which you can use for your insurance claim.

Doors N More also install new roller doors

Our services are not limited to industrial doors repairs and commercial door repairs. If you would like to add a roller door to your garage or business – or if you decide your existing roller door is beyond repair – we can install a new one. We will visit the site and give you a free quote, with no obligations at all, then leave it you to make the decision.

One of our specialties is converting your carport into a secure lock-up garage. Give us a call to talk about that today.

Doors N More are Adelaide’s first choice for roller doors

For more than 20 years now, Doors N More have been servicing the Adelaide area, with our teams of staff visiting every suburb. We are also willing to travel much further when required and often install roller doors and roller door motors throughout the rest of South Australia.

Doors N More have an industry-leading customer service policy

Since the foundation of Doors N More in 1997, we have prided ourselves on placing the needs of our clients as our absolute top priority. The word of mouth from satisfied clients is the best possible form of advertising and we go out of our way to make sure our customers are happy. When repairing and maintaining roller doors, we offer the highest quality service to be found anywhere in Adelaide or the surrounding areas. Our shop door repairs are especially noteworthy.

We have a large team of staff, which means somebody will on their way to your place very soon after you call us to deliver same day service. Best of all is that you will not be charged a cent until we actually start repairing your roller door or motor. The assessment and written quote is entirely free. If we don’t fix it, you don’t pay for it. Tell your friends.

Join the long list of happy Doors N More clients

You can barely drive down a street in Adelaide or the surrounding areas without seeing a roller door that functions because of our expert team. We work with suburban garages, commercial shutters and industrial roller doors, among many others.

Our comprehensive range of services is provided to government bodies, shopfitters, large corporations and a wide variety of other organisations.

Defense Housing Australia, the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, and Auscare Retirement Living Australia are just three of our major clients.

Doors N More is sure to have what you need

We provide a very wide range of services. These are just some of the products that Doors N More will supply, install, manufacture, maintain and repair:

* Roller motors and doors
* Roller shutters, aluminium shutters and roller grilles
* Stacker/folding doors (generally found on retail shop entrances)
* Sectional roller door motors and doors
* Steel roller shutters
* Fire-rated shutters
* Security roller door shutters for commercial use

We also convert roller doors from manual to motorised operation, as well as come up with customised specialist solutions. For instance, we once built van side panels for a customer who approached us at a job site because he could find nobody else to do it.

Another of our specialties is manufacturing replacement panels and parts for roller doors that are no longer available.

Meet some of our major partners

Doors N More are not beholden to any one supplier of roller doors or motors. This gives us great flexibility to make sure the solution we propose is perfectly suited to your wants and needs. We will happily give you a quote on several different brands so you can be certain you are making the right decision.

These are just some of the industry-leading companies we work with:

Steel-Line Garage Doors is one of the true leaders of the industry, with over three decades of experience and more than 20 offices spread throughout every state and territory of Australia. Whether your needs are residential, industrial or commercial, they will be able to give us everything required to get your roller door working again. Their vast range of top-quality products is among the best in the nation, while most of them are Australian-made at their factories in Brisbane and Perth.

B&D Garage Doors have been an icon of Australian streetscapes ever since the unveiling of their first roller door, way back in 1956. It was B&D who revolutionised the industry with the development of the very first all-steel garage door, which could be rolled and unrolled without cracking because of its pressed metal sheets in a flexible curtain. They are still leaders when it comes innovation in roller doors, with a continuous stream of functionality and design improvements. Their long-lasting and good-looking doors can be found all over the world, with more than five million sold.

Gliderol have spent more than 40 years making state of the art garage doors, with a special focus on custom designs to meet the wants and needs of individual customers. They have production facilities right here in Adelaide, as well as every other major capital city, and make their doors from durable Colorbond steel that is specifically designed for Australia’s often testing weather conditions.

Phone Doors N More right now

If your roller doors need any repairs or if you’re looking to install a new roller door, give Doors N More a call right now on 1800436677. We are South Australia’s premier roller door business.

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