Upgrade Your Garage Doors with Adelaide’s Best

Years of coastal air and rambunctious children have taken their toll on the garage doors at your Adelaide home. Moisture from the ocean breeze has warped the door and rusted the tracks, and the kids have run into it with balls and bikes so many times there are dents everywhere. Now, each time you use the old, manually-operated roller doors all of Adelaide knows. Prices for Adelaide home repairs can add up quickly, but one upgrade that won’t break your wallet is automating your roller garage door with a motor. Adelaide residents trust Doors ‘n’ More to provide high quality residential roller doors to Adelaide with friendly service, free quotes, and two decades of experience.

Roller Garage Doors with Motors Available in Adelaide

When it comes to residential roller doors, Adelaide homes come in various sizes and tracks that prevent accurate phone quotes. Don’t settle for vague, off-handed quotes that change once the work is done due to extra fees and incomplete quotes. Instead, we will come out, look at your garage, discuss what you would like, and provide a fixed written quote. We only charge you for the work we do, so you never pay for an assessment or quote. Choose a standard option, or customise colour and cut for unique solutions created by skilled craftsmen who have the experience to solve any issues that occur practically, efficiently, safely, and promptly. We’ll find a position to safely install a roller garage door motor to your Adelaide property allowing it to move smoothly and quietly. We’ll check the door’s tension to find the appropriate balance for the placement of the motor so that it requires the least amount of effort to operate the door, helping it last longer. Then, we make sure that the motor’s alignment coincides with the tracks and apply a coat of lube throughout the entire mechanical system. The exceptional quality of our roller doors in Adelaide are at prices the Adelaide community can afford.

Custom Residential Roller Doors in Adelaide

Doors ‘n’ More is your solution for commercial and residential garage doors throughout Adelaide and the surrounding areas. For residential properties, our roller doors range from 1200 to 3000 in height and 950 to 5400 in width and can be manual or remote operated. Choose the perfect colour to accent your house or keep things simple with practical stock options. Custom jobs are generally a two-week process from order to installation, or get a standard door in classic cream in only two days. Our warranty is the best in the industry at five years or 10,000 uses, and our products, service and customer care cannot be beat. We make it easy to call today for an assessment tomorrow. We cover all repairs with certified parts and only charge you for the work we perform, not the initial assessment. The choice is simple, the results are phenomenal, so book with us to get premium roller doors here in Adelaide at prices no one in Adelaide can beat.

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